Sunday, 28 December 2008

Sale Strategy 101

Everyone loves a sale - but not everyone walks away with a good deal... Yes, you could score 20 assorted Mango tops for S$10 each but they are likely to be worn out by next Christmas!

My advice: Be a Discerning Sale Shopper! It helps to keep the following in mind:

(1) Would I buy this at full price?

*Is it great enough a piece that you'd have saved up/bought it at full price? This counters that all-too-familiar sale syndrome :
"it's 50% off and BRANDED, so I have to have it even though it's a neon green hotpant/leopard print hobo/[insert other misguided fashion trend]!"

(2) What am I really paying for?

* A cheap pair of shoes /a poorly made dress is still a cheap pair of shoes / a poorly made dress whether you paid $10 or $100 for it. Sale discounts don't make an item look better or wear better - they also don't keep items in fashion. Instead, look out for items in wool blend or silk in basic colours or (in the case of accessories) full leather as these pieces will always look more expensive. More importantly, they don't scream "So Last Season!"

(3) Will this fit into my wardrobe?

* I'm not talking about physical space - goodness knows EVERY girl needs more wardrobe space! But try thinking up at least 2-3 outfits you could have with an item, using accessories, shoes, bags, slacks from your existing wardrobe. This way, a sale purchase won't end up at the back of your wardrobe after one wear...

That said, I did a little sale shopping and found these uber finds which, for me at least, get full marks for being great sale bargains!

ADAM stretch-wool office dress with a discreet cowl neckline - (70% off, now US$115.50)

Marc by Marc Jacobs (we *heart* MJ) felted wool dress with satin-striped, funnel neckline - 40% off, now US$205. *E-luxury is having an extra 30% off sale prices for a limited time, so it'll be down to US$143.50!*

Wear the MJ with this gem from Georgina Goodman at Eve for a dramatic, but fun look:
Last but not least, check out this Twenty8Twelve darling also on massive sale at E-luxury (now US$174.30 after an extra 30% off the sale price):

It's silk-chiffon with Art-decor style lace! So Blair Waldorf :) My girl, B, would not doubt round the outfit off with black tights and the same delicious Venetia by Rupert Sanderson (featured in an earlier post).

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