Tuesday, 15 December 2009

alldressedup: Fergie Flies Our Flag!

I used to wonder why alldressedup's fabulous line of accessories hadn't yet been picked up by Net-A-Porter or such other retail powerhouse.  With this timely celebrity endorsement, I can't imagine NAP overlooking this range for long! 

As testimony to how highly I think of alldressedup, let's say that IMHO the delicious Josh Duhamel is (for once) not the best accessory on Fergie: 
In a somewhat related aside, I maintain a perennial concern about The Shameless "taking inspiration" from independent, up-and-coming brands.  This fate befell Camilla Skovgaard after her shoes were spotted on Halle Berry and Vanessa Hudgens.  No doubt they were hoping the general population wouldn't realise glaring resemblances.  I'm hoping copycats won't latch onto this charming local brand.  In the meanwhile, can't wait for the full range to arrive instore! 
(pc: adu; coolspotters)

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  1. alldressedup is carried by Net-a-porter, I've posted the link here, the Fall / Winter 09 items are on sale now: