Friday, 30 April 2010

The Devil is in the Details: E&J 'James' Blazer

Taupe? Off-White? White? I'm faced with a decision that doesn't often come round. Then, I made the mistake of trying on the increasingly worshipped Elizabeth & James James blazer at a local boutique. Big Mistake. Big. HUGE.
Those insider reviews of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen's line are true: the 'James' really is the perfect combination of a boxy boyfriend cut, and softened details to subtly sculpt it to the female form. My new obsession proceeded to spiral into over an hour of trawling the internet looking for a more reasonably-priced source; I certainly wasn't about to pay 20% over the US retail price (at that's with a 15% credit card discount!).
I realise that it's always wise to get any sort of blazer in classic black, but then I already have 2 well-worn black blazers. Surely a neutral-coloured blazer that fits well at the shoulders, falls beautifully and doesn't make me look like I'm auditioning for a Miami Vice remake is worth investing in? *fret*

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