Thursday, 19 January 2012

Back For Good (And Still Shopping)

After a month of extreme slaving at the office and (consequently) overindulging in the pantry cookie jar, I'm ready to face the world again!

Trust it to be shoes to coax me out of semi-hibernation - Rupert Sanderson, no less. Behold my office shoes for 2012/13! Classic pumps with a twist - a hidden 1cm platform - they're marked down to £255 (from £425) and if the indulgent feel like picking up 2 or more pairs, the kind folks will throw in an extra 20% off. YUM.

So it's down a matter of which other pair then:
Option 1: Joyce cream lace-ups which Sienna Miller has helpfully shown can be worn with a mini too. 

Option 2: These beautiful grey (yes, GREY) mary-janes!  If it weren't for the wedding I'd be getting these too and selfishly cashing in on the extra discount on my own.

Option 3: The wildcard - I usually don't wear suede shoes (or red shoes) but I'm a sucker for Rupert's cut-out side details. 

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