Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Window Shopping: Marni x H&M

I must confess this has been an excruciating post to write. But there really isn't anything else to say apart from 'Behold: Marni x H&M. Cue: Apprehension'.

Ahead of the scrum on Thursday morning, the local H&M has helpfully filled their Orchard Road window with a selection of the collaborative offerings.  From what I could see (through the window pane, while avoiding the glare of security), I was mildly disappointed and wasn't entirely convinced of the quality of the silk dresses or the shoes/bags.
On the other hand, the bracelets were as a whole rather good value - two-toned just like actual Marni. A word of caution on the accessories: the white plastic used for the necklaces didn't look as expensive as the black. 

Also, the leaf necklace, despite its dreamy Lanvin-esque diamonte accents, still left me hankering for an actual Marni as the green variation had a distinct cellophane look to it from swopping flat translucent plastic for the shell usually used for the originals. Maybe graduated-tone plastic would have more successfully achieved true "luxe-for-less".

Which brings me back to my original dilemma - are the design, quality and price overnight queue-worthy? Or am I better off continuing my periodic expeditions to Club21's clearance sales to find original Marni bargains? 


  1. I'm so glad I found your blog and I can't wait for the h&m Marni items :) now following xx

  2. I can safely say that the quality of the Marni @ H&M items (clothes and accessories) is beyond. The clothes are especially well-made, which kinda resulted in my 4-figure digit high bill... (cue: bleeding heart). (of course, the prices are a little higher compared to the other previous collaborations..)

    Also managed to snag the platforms.. My verdict: Super comfortable and stylish! Wooohoooo!

    Glad I made the trip down to Zurich! :)

  3. This are incredible designing. Very eye catchy specially bracelet with red and green combination.