Friday, 7 August 2009

It's On with Alexa Chung : Dress Like Her!

This is a random weekend Alexa Chung post. Now that America have It's On (the new version of TRL), I'm chuffed that I can indulge in daily Alexa fashion watch!  It's not terribly difficult though since her look generally revolves around a couple of key pieces:

Striped anything - everyday is a nautical day

Denim cut-off shorts, DIY if you must

Grey tees - the more vintage, the better

AND of course truckloads of Cardigans in assorted neutral colours
(I absolutely ADORE her latest CDG one!)


  1. Great post! & of course, having an artic monkey's boyf :D

  2. Is her Chung like China chung or british chung?

  3. It's Chinese Chung - her father's Chinese, her mum's Brit :)