Saturday, 14 November 2009

Valentino: A Cinderalla Moment

Valentino is closing their Palais Renaissance store and moving to ION.  An unbelievable STOREWIDE 70% OFF means this wonderous pair could be mine... if only I had larger feet!  Size 37.5 for anyone who cares for a go.  Another bow-adorned satin strappy in the same Valentino red is still looking for a home (size 38.5).  

After ST Urban's mention in yesterday's papers, the store was obliterated and they are down to, literally, 2 bags, maybe 10 pairs of shoes and some clothes so get a move on!


  1. Oh yes.. these va-va-vooom heels are truly DREAMTICKETS!!!!

  2. ooh it's the rust gowns i drool for.

    hi Martina! *waves*