Friday, 12 February 2010

A Moment of Silence: Alexander McQueen

Another reason for Lenten restraint: Mourning the loss of Alexander McQueen and my resultant posthumous purchase of one of his skull scarves from the local Club21.

The rack of clothing was quickly being picked clean. My SA shared how they had just got a fresh shipment in yesterday and by teatime today, they'd to re-organise the racks several times as jackets, scarves, bags and shoes were all down to the dreaded last piece. Next door at Blackjack, the McQ range faired ever so slightly better with a selection of scarves and tops still available. If you're looking for a piece of fashion history, forget trawling the internet and get yourself down to Club 21 Collectibles at Forum - they have various McQueen heels going for under S$200! None in my size or which would've caught my eye save for today's tragic news.

I'm endeavoring to wear my skull scarf everyday this week - that is, save for CNY day 1 &2 as I doubt gran will appreciate the gesture. RIP Lee.

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