Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Size Matters: American Apparel Leather

Sometimes I miss the dark days when I couldn't even entertain the concept of retail therapy - ah those days of Lent and the poor exchange rates.  Right now, with the USD at a low against the Singapore currency, I'm mulling over whether to purchase one of these American Apparel leather zip pouches and DIY-ing a Celine out of it, or going for the Large which I could easily scrunch fold into a smaller clutch (as above, in avocado).  

Annoyingly, most of the colours for the Medium option are completely cleaned out - at least the taupe remains, which could be suitably "Celine-d".  Colourways wait for no man, and neither does my temporary 15% discount which expires at the weekend.  Sign-up for their updates to get a similar discount!

1 comment:

  1. Go with the LARGE! I thought about getting that pouch on AA's website! Now its a must-have!