Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Products of an Old School

For the past year, I've functioned without a "proper" camera.  Opting to snap at whim with my Sony Ericsson Xperia, it's been a tedious waiting game for Canon's S95 successor to launch *drop that price darn it*  Considering I have a blog going (some of the time, anyway), Guy M is convinced I have my priorities thoroughly muddled.  
Trust handmade leather accessories to be the tipping point for me - especially after spending a Spetember morning enthralled by Hermes' Festival des Metiers.  It brought me back to happy days in William Street, Sydney, where I diligently cut patterns, pleated leather and harnessed the sewing machine in the name of local cordwainer pride. 
Closer to home, the charm of cottage industry is precisely why the collaboration between Tiong Bahru babies Nana and Bird and the equally Singaporean J.Myers Company has all the natural earthiness you'd expect of bespoke merchandise.  The decision to keep the camera strap (S$150) untreated shouts out to the most famous untreated leather handles, but also promises a sentimentality that could only come from naturally aging a strap through years of globetrotting.  Cue: Garance ambitions. 

Also catching my eye is the Conway cuff (S$85) - their less-adorned take on Balenciaga wrap bracelet, which may be a more practical badge of honour if you're as keen to support these local artisans as I am.
{pc: nanaandbird; jmyer on fb}

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