Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Cheap Thrill: ASOS Further Reductions

If patience is a virtue, then call me a shopping 'virtuous-o'.  It might appear a bit incredulous that I would plonk down cash for a Celine bag at full price, but stalk ASOS for their further reductions sale.  Even Guy M caved at the 50% mark *cough... sale newbie.. cough*

Count the pennies I must since I can scarcely justify leather culottes in Singapore's beading climate on a normal day, let alone when I started off the evening browsing bridesmaid dress options.  But at GBP35, this khaki pair could be an extreme bargain or a modest mistake - let you know in a week or so...
Rounding off my shopping bag was this navy/black Peter Pan collared top (GBP15), which is playful enough for the office Friday dress down, and the Prada-inspired midi dress which I'd been coveting for a while. 
Anyone care to wager if Michelle Obama is kicking herself for paying retail for the latter? *cough... online shopping newbie... cough*

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