Monday, 21 November 2011

All Chained, All Gained: Fiona Paxton on Sale

Forgive the inactivity, I'm back from a week in Bali paradise!  

After years of lusting after a Fiona Paxton necklace, I couldn't resist when The Outnet offered this gunmetal chainmail stunner at an astonishing 55% off.  
These pretty much never go on sale at Quintessential (the local Paxton outpost) so as much I was hellbent on saving for the wedding I just had to get this.  It proved to be the perfect travel accessory - transforming simple jersey dresses & tees into an outfit worthy of beach club sundown cocktails.  The chainmail had a admirable weight - enough for the tubular mesh to drape properly rather than merely flop and collapse. This style is also far less bohemian than Paxton's previously de jour bead & chain pieces.  Get the gunmetal or gold (below) while they're still available; the rest of Outnet's selection is decidedly less timeless. 

Random aside: Is anyone else now unable to read the word 'paradise' without hearing Chris Martin & gang's melodical drawl?  TGI-No Longer Monday!

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