Monday, 21 November 2011

At Last (?): The Other Alexander McQueen

It's officially taken just under 8 months for Sarah Burton's team to unleash Pippa Middleton's "rear of the year"-creating bridesmaid look on Net-A-Porter.  Sadly, all the subtle variations in texture have been edited away leaving behind a pretty but ultimately less than spectacular bridal offering from Alexander Mcqueen.

Also, does anyone actually believe they can don such a famous gown and look better than than original wearer? Perhaps few do since only the tiniest size has sold out as of 11pm (Singapore time) - many a gown has sold out faster on NAP's site.


  1. It is a beautiful gown, and would make any wearer look spectacular.. there are alot of people branding Pippa Middleton the 'most beautiful woman in the world' since this dress, when in actual fact shes really quite plain.

    Its all in the dress!! xx

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