Tuesday, 22 September 2009

The Devil Wears Skovgaard

It's official: I've sold my soul for shoes.

Since purchasing the "offending" Camilla Skovgaard platform wedges, I must confess that they've been glued to my feet. They're fierce, platformed, make me *almost* tall and feel like Nikes... I even ran for the bus in them on Friday! I think I'm in love; this must be what sympathy for the devil feels like :)

Just a thought: I'm mentally prepared to replace the platform's fierce "teeth" with some thick tyre-ridged rubber soles when they start to wear down, but what of the styles which have a regular stiletto (see below)?
I might go mad trying to get the thickness of any replacement soles to perfectly match the height of the heel. Maybe Skovgaard will thoughtfully introduce mail order replacement "teeth"?

Lots of outfit pics to follow but in the meanwhile, sell your soul with the aid of VISA and Net-a-Porter or Shopbop.

Penance for this bad (but feels SO good) buy? A 6-month shoe & bag ban.

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