Monday, 14 September 2009

Sanity Behind the Insanity

I should probably explain why I absolutely needed to embark on a 6 month bag & shoe hiatus. Bottom line: I've reorganized my wardrobe (read: MAJOR STOCKTAKE) and have far too many (a) shoes and (b) black dresses.

I've thrown in the bag ban as more of a preventive measure. While the odd leather bucket bag from Topshop isn't going to bust the budget, designer bags (even on sale) are too expensive a replacement-indulgence for my two primary weaknesses. That and I'm flat out refraining from "devaluing" my beloved Mulberry A4 Roxy by buying another investment bag within 6 months of it ;)

My final major indulgence for the year (which really ought to take me right up the Chinese New Year next February) will be debuted soon. Here's a hint: It's off my Lust List!

*happy, happy dance*

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