Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Factory Girl: Mulberry Pop Up Outlet Store

Can't make it to Bicester Village?  That coral Ostrich Bayswater threatening to melt your plastic?  Need to save cash for rent?  

The Retail Powers That Be have answered your prayers:  Mulberry is test-running an online version of their sale outlet!  The pop-up factory store will run Monday 19 October, 9am - Friday 23 October, 6pm (UK time).  If response is favourable, they'll formally launch the site in the future.  For now, the selection is dominated by Spazzalato (patent) Bayswaters, bright & shiny Roxanne A4 Totes, juicy Maxi Mabels and the whole gamut of Maggies at >50% OFF!

I'm trying to resist the raspberry Spazzalato Bayswater or the fuschia Lightweight Roxanne A4 Tote as a "shop(ed) too much" substitute for the GORGEOUS cerise styles in the stores this season.  

Maybe I should just stay away from my laptop... 'cuse me while I pace around my apartment for the next 72 hours ;)

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