Monday, 12 October 2009

Serious Workwear Blues

I'm sorry.  The dearth of regular posts is largely due to my return to the corporate world. Goodbye wearing neon whenever; hellooo skirt suits!  

Still, I'm trying not to throw all the creative dressing I've enjoyed these past 2 years out of the window.  I'll be throwing together a bunch of "non-boring" work looks so that I won't feel like a drone.  Seriously, the highlight of my day is picking what to wear.  Cue inspiration!! 

Monday: B&W cos in all likelihood I woke up late

Tuesday: More time so a tad more colour? 

Wednesday: Lunch meeting. Got to look smart. 

Thursday: Printed shirtdess in anticipation of weekend

Dress down Friday = Crazy heels day!
(pc: stockholmsteetstyle; wayne tippetts; sartorialist; betty)

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