Friday, 16 October 2009

Only Two Things Are Certain

Are you still kicking yourself for not shop-carting some Mulberry denim ticking during their last sale? While I remain hopelessly devoted to my Roxy A4 from that same sale, I still sometimes gaze forlornly at what could have been. But I just couldn't bear part with USD369 for a canvas Bayswater (and that was at 50% off!).

Fortunately - or not, given my current bag ban - the superbly named
Death and Texas handmakes (to order) a range of weekenders, clutches and hip & bike bags in the same fresh leather-canvas combination!
Though the hip pouch promises lots of "Carrie the Builder" fun, the Weekender Tote is probably my favourite of the lot. Hand-molded natural vegetable-tanned leather handles, a functional zippered top plus a leather strap which allows it to be carried messenger style. Talk about a brilliant amalgamation of the roomy, casual Bayswater and utility of the Taylor Zip Tote.

At USD195, this Brooklyn-based offering is dramatically cheaper AND available all year round!
Dare I add ANOTHER bag to my wish list?
(pc: bb; mmb; d&t)

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  1. add it to your list! i like this better than the other two.