Friday, 5 March 2010

Hiding In the Corner, Dreaming of Shoes

Sorry about not updating as regularly - it's almost torturous trying to maintain a Lenten shopping ban whilst having my "shopping eye" open.  I dread weekends now (not popping to the shops) and my heart palpitates when the familial Outnet update email arrives on Thursdays.  Throw in a spiraling British pound and you've got the perfect shopping storm. 
But I digress.  Just because I can't acquire these gorgeous croc-embossed Alexander McQueen peeptoes, doesn't mean another shouldn't.  They're a relative steal at S$312 (size 36.5 only; of course the last pair would be in my size... SOB) - available at Club21 Collectibles at Forum.  If I weren't on this ban, I'd snap these up and then self-impose house arrest this weekend in avoidance of the On Pedder Warehouse Sale.  

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