Monday, 29 March 2010

PS I Love You

"This is a sight that gladdens;
What peace it doth impart!
Now nothing ever saddens
The joy within my heart."

The end of Lent has come - Rejoice! Rejoice!  In all honesty, I did default (a wee bit) on my Lenten vow of retail abstinence, but surely this is a worthwhile and well-deserved, new job / advance birthday / last buy before actively saving for home, kind of buy? :)  

This now brings to an end my season-long deliberation between the Alexa and PS1.  Both were perfectly sized for my day-to-night double duty needs and didn't scream "conspicuous consumption".  
(above, pc: tfs)
As much as I adored the bohemian femininity of the Mulberry, the Midnight (Medium) Proenza Schouler had a lightness to the leather and a reasoned utility that I could not resist (hello, multiple compartments!). With the proliferation of the Alexa everywhere, the choice was clear.  


  1. Hi babes where do you buy proenza in Singapore? pls let me know!
    and how much did you pay for it? :) really <3 it

  2. Hi Anonymous, drop me an email? You can try range the Barneys' website. Luisaviaroma also has a selection and they ship worldwide :)