Friday, 19 March 2010

Notes On A Friday

My adored Bottega Veneta ballerinas with spy-purse detail.

Ask any shop(toomuch)er what they couldn't do without.  They might bleat excitedly about their brand new Mulberry Alexa, a trusty iPhone, treasured Louboutin pumps or perhaps that sentimental, first gift from Tiffany's (ahh youth...).  

My "wish for more wishes" answer is far more abrupt:  A job which pays me just enough to forget any pain it might cause.

I would gleefully renounce the temptations in life for that One. Dream. Job (Mr Jacobs, are you reading this?), but for now I'm steeling myself for a potential onslaught of late nights.  I'm not going to pretend that I'm oblivious to the fact that the more grief I incur in a day, the more I'm inclined to indulge in retail therapy.  My beloved Bottega ballet flats (above), whose mini purses do in fact work, were themselves such a stress purchase. [Cue: Sydney Bristow kick-a** spy fantasies]

Of late there appears to be a handful of excellent bloggers going on hiatus due to life/work; a move  which I readily admit saddens me.  They didn't seem to have sought out "the fame", they were shoppers - like me - who opened their closets (and wallets) for their readers' enjoyment.  So here I am - penning my resolve to keep this going as long as the smell of new leather excites me...  Have a glorious Friday, everyone!  Go forth, shop, and make me proud :)

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