Sunday, 13 June 2010

Chloe Paraty vs. Balenciaga City

So rich a red, so much less prolific right now than the Balenciaga City, so low is the Euro... could the universe be instigating me trade-in my poupre City for the burgundy Paraty from Chloe's Fall Winter 2010 collection (now available for pre-order at Luisaviaroma)?

Don't get me wrong - I
love my City, but is it cheating or buyer's regret when my heart sinks a nano-fraction every time a trashy tween or heartland "auntie" strolls past with their Balenciaga? The City is evidently becoming the new LV Speedy!

Sigh... I would trade-in (and trade-up) if I could, but I should save my any shopping for the next 2 quarters for London - a year's end trip which certainly take more than a handful of posts to properly capture.
{pc: Chloe; Bag That Style}

1 comment:

  1. haha. ya, bal is getting really common now. oh well. i haven't been using mine for a long time. but it's not cos they're common now. i just can't explain why.