Wednesday, 9 June 2010

The Two Alexas

Witness the extremities that follow IT-girl status! First, the heinous HEINOUS Mulberry Alexa knockoffs at Far East Plaza (yes, they were so gross an injustice, it had to said twice). Then, this random streetsnap of Alexa Chung looking her divine, casual-cool best in my favourite Kate Moss x Topshop piece.

Guess I'll be pulling my pansy dress out of hiatus this weekend whilst pondering a swearing off the actual Alexa - well, at least until the sweatshops move onto the next IT-bag...
{streetsnap via Wonderland}


  1. Hi I just came from a month long stay in SG. I love love the shopping! Anyhoo,I'm going back this July, any suggestions where to go for nice Vintage shops? Thanks!


  2. My favourite is Granny's Day Out at Peninsula Shopping Centre - the owner Hsiao Ying, formerly an editor of a local magazine, has got a fabulous eye!

    For higher-end vintage (including designer pieces), check out Deja Vu Vintage at Millenia Walk.

    Go forth & shop! xx