Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Lightning Strikes Twice: Valextra on Sale

I'm haven't quite made up my mind about orange bags. Though if you are in the market for a Valextra at a less than prohibitive 60% discount, Barneys NYC has a Medium Boston on sale (again) at USD 949. Far be it for me to look the discount in the mouth, but if their Aragusta Orange was just a tad more burnished (or the Navy was still available - SIGH), I'd be far more tormented. I feel like my inability to bring myself to slap down the cash required for the LV SC bag is making me work that much harder to find a more moderate, but no less lush, alternative.

Important Update: My googling skills have turned up a divine dove grey Medium Boston over at Yoox for Euro705! That's an astonishingly good price for a timeless shape in a versatile colour, and which shape is completely on-trend (lady-like). Somewhere on the island, I can almost hear galpal M's restraint weaken...

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