Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Happiness Is A Warm Card

Is it wrong how much I feel like cashing in my holiday chips now for Katie Holmes' exact quilted Lanvin Happy bag which I posted about a while back? That is, I *think* it's the same shade... Net-A-Porter describes it as a 'dark brown' but it seems more fawn to me. But who am I to question NAP (read: Retail Heaven)

Either way, I'm wracked with holiday guilt - if I get the bag now, rather than waiting until November and PARIS, will it still be as special?

On some levels, it does take the shine off a holiday purchase even if the money had been slowly saved up for November's trip. Likewise, if I couldn't get this Happy, there'd surely be another. On the other hand, if I wait two more months only to have this and any other Happy which appealed to me sell out all over Europe (as such beautiful things are prone to do), I fear the consolatory retail blitz to follow...

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