Thursday, 2 September 2010

An Exercise In Restraint

I literally lost sleep over this bag last night (Galpal M, you are entirely to blame). Moments after she'd sent me those evil EVIL links at the office, I was squealing in equal parts of disbelief and glee. Valextra, the Italy's answer to Hermes, at 55% OFF?! The proof-reader in me immediately suspected a typographical error. I twittered with anticipation...

One stumbling block (ok, two...)? Barneys ' online store neither accepts non-USA credit cards, nor do they ship internationally. 'Bah humbug', I thought, as I shot off a quick email to Customer Service to ask them if there were solutions to my bag lust.
Turns out, they more than accommodated and explained almost apologetically that international customers could place an order through any one of their brick & mortar stores by phone as long as we had the style number and item description:

Barneys Madison Avenue


Barneys Beverly Hills


Barneys San Francisco


Barneys Las Vegas


I can't lie that one of the appeals of the Large Boston Bag in Havana is that I've yet to spot Valextra on the arms of Singaporean women at large. My Balenciaga gripes aside, even the Mulberry Bayswater in their Oak brown can't match the exclusivity of this label, or the boardroom appriopriateness of the bag's shape (my one concern with the Mulberry)... AND it has a shoulder strap (which really is the bag-equivalent of discovering a dress has pockets - I am further sold!).

Which leaves me with the most important question... to cave or not to cave?

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