Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Wake me up when it's Friday: Comme des Garcons

Have you ever woken up on a dismal morning to the chatter of rain on the trees? When the morning sun, usually your day-timer, shies behind the grey sky?  How about that accompanying instinct to don all that is black, cashmere and ostensibly anything with hardware as amour against the seemingly unending gloom?  Welcome to my seasonal affective disordered wardrobe. 

It just dawned on me how I'd managed to cobble together a collection of corporate office-appropriate pieces from the Comme des Garcon family (and alumni) over the last 5 years or so.  Nothing too shady or too deconstructed.  Just edgy enough for the office, without losing any credibility.  Photos to come - I've decided black, white, dots and stripes are all I can manage for now... but in the meanwhile, forgive me as I crawl back into bed to recuperate from the day's madness in the office.

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