Thursday, 17 March 2011

Disaster Movie: Celine on Reebonz (Again)

After the tragic fate that befell Balenciaga and the motorcycle bag, the writing was on the wall for Celine after their first appearance on local discount (read: installment plan) website Reebonz.  

Is it just me that uses Reebonz as a barometer of when a brand/bag might have hit its saturation point in Singapore?  Add to the fact their prices aren't really discounts; they're often still pricier or match the full retail price in Europe.  I guess the appeal is the ever available installment plan, which contradicts the point of these beauties  being aspirational luxury. 
Nowadays, apparently Celine Shopper Totes sell out on their site over lunchtime and galpal J reports at least 4 in Raffles Place plus another handful in her office building.  I haven't noticed a similar proliferation in my area but then I might be living in denial *wail* 

My only consolation is the fortuitous availability of the limited edition envelope style.  It may not have the same curves, but baby it's mine (just mine)!


  1. i was surprised that they're very affordable so i didn't think the carrot's the instalment plan. and so i wonder why i hadn't seen more of them. the PS bag's certainly more common. i mean, not that i was always in the 'hot' areas to know what's common and what's not.

  2. Wow, your blog is cool! =D Follow me?

    Loads of Love,