Thursday, 16 June 2011

All These Things That I've Not Done: Sale Season

At 30% + 10% off at Club 21's Sale Preview (until 9pm tonight) and I finally found a nerve to try on this Lanvin silk-satin wrap gown.  While I'm now more enamored with its pale grey elegance than when it first caught my eye on Net-A-Porter, I'm decidedly not in love with its price tag.  Even on sale, that kind of money can only be vaguely justifiable when spent on a Celine Classic Box, Chanel 2.55, a wedding gown or a 2 return tickets to New York on Singapore Airlines.

Speaking of things I lack the gumption (or occasion) to buy - Rupert Sanderson's Sale Preview has yielded these nude Figaro sandals - recently spied on annoyingly-chic-for-her-age Chloe Moritz.  Swirls of soft calf leather would be divine and so perfect to complete the aforementioned Lanvin look.  Dare I say it, they seem a better fit than Natalie Portman's matchy-matchy satin heels when she donned a similar gown.  We all can dream, can't we?


  1. Love the cuff you have on! Where is it from?? And of course the Lanvin is gorgeous!

  2. Good eye - I've yet to post properly about it but it's from Marni and under S$180 after discounts... GO :)