Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Lunchtime Expedition: The Link Bazaar Sale

When I use the term expedition, I mean it.  This season, The Link has moved its bazaar sale to the the fringe of civilisation: MacPherson.  All well and good if you're anticipating SPH Magazine writers to pop over at lunchtime, but what of the rest of us?  Some cab-sharing is in order if you're hoping to find Vera Wang Bridal, Etro, Alldressedup and Robert Cavalli at up to 80% off.

At least retail-deprived galpal S, who's been shipped off to the East for work, will finally get to indulge in more than lunchtime surfing or scouring the shelves of the local (pause) 7-Eleven.

1 comment:

  1. Yes I agree... Macpherson is indeed far from town! However I realize many bazaar sales or warehouse clearance are in that area given that many retailers store their ware there =)