Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Seasons of Change: Celine Sale

In case you're wondering how to spend your lunchtime/evening, do not go to the Celine sale at Takashimaya S.C.  I mean that genuinely and without any irony.  Over the weekend, when I gently enquired if they'd be participating in the Great Singapore Sale, the SA informed me that clothing & selected accessories were 30-40% off, selected bags were 30% off.

As always, the devil is in the details:  None of the Cabas bags (plain or bi-coloured) are on sale, neither are the leather wallets.  When pressed, this was rationalised on the basis they were 'classic items' - which I personally felt was a dubious response.  They were, admittedly, classic Celine shapes but the colourways were definitely (and mostly) seasonal.  Neon yellow python? Peach with Taupe? Navy with Neon Yellow? I was miffed.

Perplexingly, this applied to their belts too - the same tune was sung and I was reminded that 'classic styles' apparently never go one sale, which was another dubious statement considering I picked up the identical style - a deep red "classic" belt - on a very decent 50% discount last year!

What a change of attitude... I guess Celine has finally hit IT-status in Singapore.  And a sad day it is.


  1. was that stated on their advertising?
    If so, i dont know your law's over there, but in Australia it's false advertising and its illegal.

    Sad day indeed!

    Can you please do me a favour and go to my blog. Australians need to band together and get the rest of the world on board to Ban Live Export and the inhumane treatment of our livestock.


  2. so envy u~~~how come we never get Celine sales in nyc~~