Saturday, 23 July 2011

Alive Again

If the inactivity and silence puzzled you, allow me to reassure you that like Jason & the Argonauts, I've faced many a perilous obstacle this past week.  

First, the apartment was deprived of the internet.  Although this may seem trivial in the age of smartphones, my thumbs are too large to deal with navigating hyperlinks for more than a 1/2 hour on my Sony Xperia.  More pertinently, navigating The Outnet's new arrivals is impossibly tedious on their mobile version (wail).

Secondly, I've been resting from some surgery.  I'm not going into any gory details - suffice to say "I'm baaccck" and able to sit & type again! (cheer)

Proper posts to come - stay tuned!  
{pc: Vogue Korea May 2010 c/o tfs}

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