Monday, 11 July 2011

Cheap Thrill: ASOS for Work/Play

There really isn't any real excuse for my tardiness in posting *hangs head*  I half expect "blog social services" to swoop in to investigate me for neglect... Forgive me?

At least the shopping urge is back!  I've recently felt the compulsion to add a couple of dresses to my dress down Friday wardrobe.  Too often it's been some variation or another of the breton with blazer look.  Not that there's anything wrong with that (or with this linen blazer with raw exposed lining), but I feel like I'm stuck in a mild style rut.

Perhaps ASOS' Prada-style print dress could inject that jolt of adrenaline to my wardrobe.  While being smart enough during the week with a cardigan, belt and kitten heels, its pricing (GBP50) is thankfully far more Peggy Olsen than Betty Draper.

Alternatively, this wriggle fabulous pencil skirt might likewise do the trick - though perhaps bordering (intentionally?) on that 80's sexy secretary vibe.

Or maybe I should save my cash for my work trip to Hong Kong at the end of the month?  As always, life's full of tough retail decisions.

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