Sunday, 17 July 2011

Juicy & Delicious

Sundays are meant for eggs benedict, lemonade and breaking out the Wayfarers for its weekly main street parade.  It's a positively beautiful day outside - much to the chagrin of my work ethic.  

Instead of wordsmithing and drafting, I want to slice citrus fruits and fashion my own Stella McCartney cake!  Imagine the possibilities: Sliced banana on a chocolate cake in homage to Prada?  Bitter chocolate  buttons on a cream cheese frosting in a Marc Jacob for Louis Vuitton creation?

In the spirit of all things bright and beautiful, I've recently been drawn to Proenza Schouler's Keep All in the de jour mimosa colour.  The SA assured me I could carry it beyond this Spring/Summer, but I was dubious.  How many times had I stood in my room thinking "Oh I wish I had a yellow bag to go with this outfit"? Possibly never...

Bad enough my colleagues have glanced tentatively at my Chanel mimosa toes last dressed down Friday, I don't need another reason to make them question if I'm in the wrong office/profession.  I guess this is one bag which I'll have to put on the "Maybe" list.

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