Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Cheap Thrill: Topshop v Rupert Sanderson

While perusing Susie Bubble's curated picks from Topshop's Fall collection, I spied this budget buy referencing Rupert Sanderson's Pikon heels.  

Let's be perfectly honest, there is just no comparison on account of looks.  The Ruperts scream class in a Mad Men vintage style - there is no chance these would be dismissed as a thrift shop score.  I do love my Rupert Sanderson pumps (call it my foot bias), so this is going straight onto the wish list!  

That said, the Topshop is probably a little bit more practical - don't we all shudder slightly everytime we sprint/squeeze onto an underground train whilst in our "good shoes"?  They're also probably better than the Ruperts when paired with slacks on account of their more masculine detailing. 

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