Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Beatrix Ong does NIKE

Ever since British Vogue tipped us off about Beatrix Ong teaming with the Big Swoosh for some summer loving, I've been waiting to see if it would be more McQueen for Puma, or Kanye for LV.

I'm going to ignore the somewhat obvious phoenix & dragon motif (yes, we get that you're of Oriental descent).  Don't usually do trainers but these customised, limited edition and hand-finished Blazers?  But I most certainly CAN handle!  

They're objectively rather stunning, and I'm always a sucker for that Camper-TWINS-style mismatched designs.  Available for pre-order, 190 quid a pair, at Ong's Mayfair boutique. 

Off to give galpal B the thumbs-up for her employer's latest collaboration...  then back to wistfully awaiting the debut of those whispered Georgina Goodman trainers.

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