Wednesday, 20 May 2009

B.R. / A.R. : Buckle Up Those Shoes

The recession is a funny thing - people start looking for safe items with "legs" that will take them past the trend, or they swing far left and buy crazy fabulous.

I'll get to those Rodarte boots another day (which should just be called Those Fabulous Crotchless Leather Slacks) but for now the pre-occupation seems to be with buckles on shoes. Not your schoolgirl mary-jane buckles mind you, these are big, bold and threaten to give even the slimmest of ankles self-doubt!

Let's start with the Chloe Sevigny's FW09 design for Opening Ceremony: 9 buckles for US$600 , toe to mid-calf, the more the merrier!

Weighing in with 4 buckles, the similarly styled Surface To Air wedges are proving equally popular and on pre-order (US$360):

Georgina Goodman presented a 2-buckle style for FW09. Don't scoff at the slight buckle count - her design features massively chunky straps, plus a colourway variation in taupe/fuschia! Because the design is so understated and all... (love her!)

Where would recession reality be without a fast fashion knock-off? Forever 21 is first out of the gates in this case with their take on the Chloe Sevignity - 5 buckles! While I can't speak for its originality or quality, at US$28.90, this option will certainly provide the most buck(le) for your bang:
{Images from Style Profiles ; Style Bubble & Dazed Digital}

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  1. Oooh, those Opening Ceremony ones took my breath away the first time I saw them. And still do! Adore them muchly.

    Also the Tristan Blairs are seriously the most comfortable high shoes in my closet. The wedge heel is 5" high and so comfy I have rejected all other shoes in their favour. Love is probably too slight a feeling for them ;)
    They run true to size as well by the way.

    Hope you get them, they are well worth it!