Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Farewell: House of Japan

R.I.P:  House of Japan.  
Cause of death: Unknown
Time of Death:  Sometime in early May 2009

It happened so quietly.  I only found out last week.  One of the most authentic secondhand store experiences in a country which, at most times, feels like just one huge mall.  Polyfabulous retro shirts, 80s tees and racks of old Japanese kimonos were among the treasures that could be unearthed in this Haji Lane treasure.  I'll miss you.  
(pc: me; flickr)


  1. sigh. sick of my procrastination. no chance anymore now. i haven't stepped foot on that lane all this while. any must-go shop? how's Pluck?

    hi from a fella S'porean :)

  2. hi there! Pluck's a bit too girly for me, but their ice cream parlor's a good place to cool down after an afternoon of strolling around the area.