Monday, 13 July 2009

Say It Ain't So : Mulberry

Notwithstanding Britney Spears probably bought this Mulberry Daria Hobo at full price (rather than having it sent to her), I think this is a BiiiiiG Bad New in marketing terms for Mulberry.  

The last thing this iconic English brand needs is white trash pop stars totting their latest bags whilst in Uggs, visible bra straps, and Starbucks grande latte in hand.  Wonder how things are at Mulberry HQ right now:  I'm reminded of Tom Ford famously ranting at his PR team for sending/selling Posh Spice his stuff ;) 

While I'm not scared off Mulberry per se... I'm definitely not putting this FW09 hobo on my want list.  The oversized logo is bad enough (too trendy and too Marc by Marc Jacobs for me) and this Britney turn is the last nail in the coffin really.  

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