Monday, 8 June 2009

Lust List (Halfway through 2009)

I'm trying to cut back on the fast fashion so I can finally show some love for the designers on my lust list (what isn't helping is Alexa Chung strolling the streets of NYC in the Barbera Hulanicki for Topshop dress I wilfully passed on as part of this new shopping resolution) :

1. Something from Camilla Skovgaard - am partial towards her new styles with "teeth"

2. Something from Vice & Vanity - Ever since I realised their workshop is just round the corner, I've been gathering girlfriends for a V&V shopping excursion later this month.

3. Totally out of my budget (and a bit "been there, have that" for most bagaholics) is the Balenciaga First in Noir. Also, the Purse Forum is also an evil EVIL place - but there are genuine Balenciaga deals abound. Even at a discount, this is a hefty purchase and at that price the City seems a more worthwhile investment? SIGH

For now (and until my poor bank balance looks a tad healthier), let's just relish Kate rocking the First:
{images c/o & richienickel}

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