Thursday, 21 January 2010

500 Days of Wanting: alldressedup for CNY

Narrator:  This is a story of girl meets dress.  The girl grew up believing that she'd never truly be happy until she'd worn every colour known to man, that is, except deep yellow due to unfortunate racial and personality implications of the same.  This belief stemmed from early exposure to sanguine cartoons and an abject worshipping of any film's 'makeover scene'.  The dress did not share this belief.  Since the gradual disintegration of her retail value, the dress yearned for only two things: The first was not to be relegated to a bargain bin at the next bazaar sale.  The second was to find someone in the world with the exact skin tone to carry off her hue.  Girl meets Dress in 2009.  This is a story of girl meets dress, but you should know upfront, this is not a love story...
Long story short:  Girl passes on Dress in favour of the flashier, ostensibly more expensive Bag.  But in true romantic comedy fashion, Girl couldn't keep her mind off Dress and professes love for Dress, albeit in 2010 (complete with formulaic party scene).  Girl breaks her resolve and cheats on Bag.  Girl is now penny poorer.  Bag is dejected.  Dress is secretly thrilled. 

*Photos of the CNY outfit to come - Check back at CNY!

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  1. lol. such serial cheaters we are. and you actually have the luxury of keeping the new-clothes-for-CNY custom. i've been recyling chinoi clothes for that occasion. we seldom took group pictures so i guess it's less malu for me? but i really don't care, lah.