Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Cuter Than Rachel Bilson As Tinkerbell

I'm considering these insanely adorable navy polka-dot slacks from Vagabond NYC as my reward for dropping any Christmas weight by Chinese New Year.  Well, at the moment it's more like building up the resolve and incentive to do morning runs.  

I suspect the waist measurement might be a bit overly ambitious given the time frame I have, but I would love a vintage Giorgio Armani; in the occasional wisdom of Rachel Zoe, I'm waiting to have "a navy moment".  I miss that show (read: Taylor). 


  1. you have an eye for such keepers. "insanely adorable" can't be more suitably used here. perhaps you can have them duplicated?

  2. Unfortunately I've just spent my month's budget on a CNY outfit... hopefully no one would have bought the trousers by the end of Feb/March!