Friday, 1 January 2010

Souvenirs From A Better Time

I don't enjoy participating in sales for brands/shops going out of business - any exhilaration from scoring a bargain is inevitably tempered by the "why didn't I support them when they were in business?" guilt.  Christian Lacroix, Ossie Clark, Phi and Luella were all tragic victims of 2009.

While you still can, pick up a piece of fashion history.  Still feels like dancing on a grave, but at least you'll look pretty fabulous doing it:
Luella poplin skirt - GB118 (60% off)

Phi silk blouse - GBP113.5 at The Outnet (70% Off + Extra 50%)

Christian Lacroix silk-satin mini dress - GBP421 (80% Off)

Ossie Clark silk maxi dress - GBP205 (75% Off)

Ossie Clark dress - GBP195 (50% Off)

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