Friday, 20 August 2010

Come On, Get Happy

Have you read this week's Straits Times URBAN? I'm quietly breathing a sigh of relief that Lanvin's Happy medium shoulder bag wasn't highlighted amongst their laundry list of luxury bags. Please don't let the rabid bag hounds cause this bag to go the way of the Chanel 2.55.
It's far too early in the morning to properly extoll the virtues of my new tan boots which fit (they FIT!!)... Their acquisition, however, does raise that perennial retail decision: Bump this colour variation of the Happy up The List, or go for the one in Black (above, via Garance)? Such fabulously frivolous decisions to ponder this rainy Friday. But all we can do is attempt to ponder our retail decisions when we haven't the (true) luxury of promenading both the Happy and Birken like Katie Holmes. I'd be happy with the lot I have as long as I haven't to strike another bag off my wish list on account of being too prolific / copied by November.
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  1. tan. but i say wait this out. any chance of seeing modelling shots of the boots? ;)