Thursday, 4 August 2011

Alldressedup Sale: Could, Would, Should?

I knew there was some buried subconscious reason that a particular loose silk tee at alldressedup's sale jumped out at me.  Navy, round neckline with 3/4 taupe sleeves - and 50% off and available in an equally pleasing chocolate/taupe combination.  

Sure enough, when scrolling through La Garconne's new arrivals, the aesthetic dawns on me:  3.1 Phillip Lim.  My retail spider sense has clearly been weakened through lack of use.

Alldressedup's version from their Spring/Summer 2011 line is actually more luxe - full silk rather than the knit vest/silk sleeve combination done at Lim.  It's also only about S$179 after the discount which works out to be a third of the cost for a similar look.  I'm now racking my brain (and retail conscience) whether to attempt asking the store holding the blouse - if it's even still available.  Oh the pain, the pain!

Also available on sale are their black or brown skinny wraparound leather belts that are so classic and perfect for that "wraparound & knot" look - a steal at S$35.70 after 70% off.  I have the brown and I love it to death so this might be a good time to score its sister.

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  1. Arrgh!! Get the belts! I bought both the black and brown at full price and love them (but am now kicking myself!!). Love the top too btw.... 50%off is totally justifiable! I know I know...I'm the devil :p