Saturday, 6 August 2011

Update: YSL Chyc Tote Has Arrived!

It's finally HERE... Make way in your closet for the YSL Chyc Cabas Tote which is, to my mild annoyance, already being heralded as the latest bag de jour.  

Walk Run to your nearest YSL boutique for the black and bright blue versions (S$2560 - ouch).  I must confess the black was a tad sombre, but I have high hopes for the the tobacco or dark brown versions which are due to arrive in stores from September.  

In the current economic climate, I realise it's not a modest sum for a bag but this roomy tote - which is surprisingly lightweight when empty [Mulberry Roxanne, I am looking at you!] - will certainly find an evergreen place under your arm as the new, go-to carry everything bag, capable of toting small animals or office files in a single bound.  
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