Saturday, 27 August 2011

Snooze/Lose: Fashion's Night Out T-Shirt

Blast these efforts to be more circumspect with my shopping!  I've deliberated on this printed long sleeved tee from this year's Fashion's Night Out collection for too long and all the small sizes are gone!  
Frustratingly, Shopbop seems the only online retailer carrying this piece (US$45) which also means enough people have bought (and worked their way through) Vogue's September issue, which featured it as their choice budget buy for the month.  

Maybe I could still get the 'Medium' and style it up as a t-shirt dress?  Plead with friends to scour the stores in the USA for alternative sizes?  More deliberation ensues... Cue: The cast of Glee doing David Bowie!  All we need are the Olsen twins to guest in a Glee fashion episode and the fun frivolous fantasy would be complete. 
 {source: tfs; fno}

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