Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Back In A Bit: Football Fatigue

I haven't gone anywhere; I've just been hijacked by the South African timezone and am suffering the aftermath now. Rest assured, the shopping hasn't stopped (much to M's dismay I'm sure) - will resume proper posts this week, including holiday wear from the Net-A-Porter sale *cheer*


  1. Oh my, pray tell, which eating place is that first picture?

    Also, nice ring. YSL? They do make such wonderful accessories. Highly underrated.

    I have been a long-time follower of your blog but this is my first comment.

    Hoping for a reply,

  2. Hi Isabelle!

    The lush brioche with black cherries is from one of my favourite haunts in Singapore - Kith Cafe at Robertson Quay. Go check them out cos they have great coffee too! http://www.kith.com.sg/

    Yes the ring is YSL - good eye - it was on sale at YSL Ion a while back eventhough it's full price on NAP :)