Thursday, 28 October 2010

Tick Tock

Doing reconnaissance in preparation for my whirlwind trip to Paris is proving to be informative, but damaging for my wallet. With every option eliminated from my "wish list", I find another in its place.

Firstly, I've resolve that as great an investment (and ideal) as having a Chanel 2.55 is, the price and style just doesn't quite sit with me. I was even strangely underwhelmed with the feel of the leather when I popped into their Takashimaya S.C. boutique. Maybe I'd romanticised the idea of buying Chanel in Paris, or maybe it was the visual assult of sighting that bag (or a derivative) on every other arm when attending cocktails. Sacriligous or not, I think I'm finally retiring my Chanel dreams.

Next up were two of the bags of the moment - the Celine Cabas and Classic Box. Both are lovely to the touch and I dare say the leather felt more supple than that of the 2.55! Unfortunately, the Cabas was definitely too large for my petite frame and the Classic (well in light faun at least) just didn't have enough oomph for its pretty price.

Having mentally saved myself ten grand, I chanced upon a Celine SA unpacking two-tone ankle-strap wedges in a covetable chocolate brown/black combination. The size - mine, the effect - leg lengthening fabulous, the price - slightly scary... and naturally, these went straight to the top of my Paris wish list!

I haven't been able to find a photo of this dreamy creation but if the two Celine styles above had a lovechild, that would be it :)

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