Thursday, 21 October 2010

One Of These Days

Start the countdown - I am now TWO weeks from flying off to Europe! This also means I'm about a month from crashing back to reality, but let's ignore that for the moment, shall we?

I'm like a 5-year old with their first advent calendar. Actually, a holiday countdown advent type calendar would be a marvelous idea (Kikki K, are you listening?) which would undoubtedly include "#14: Pick your shoes!".

I'm cheating a little and posting only my boot options this time because I can't bring myself to even start working out which will be my other pairs from the remainder of my shoe collection - especially since it is not a remote possibility that I will return with, possibly, twice the number of pairs of shoes I left with!
My first pair and always my first stop for any holidays in Winter (OK, it is technically the tail end of Fall but it is unpredictable in London) will be my CK Calvin Klein black leather knee-highs. They are deliciously worn, the leather lining is buttery soft and they make my shins look fabulously slim... what more could any girl ask for? I scored this at a random end-of-season sale at their Ngee Ann City branch at least 6-7 years ago. Yes, back in the day when I fretted over a last pair of S$250 full leather 'Made in Italy' boots in my size. Ah youth!

An addition to my boot collection are these tan slouchy flat boots from Etoile Isabel Marant and relatively fresh off The Outnet. They pair fantastically with my grey Gap jeggings. I adore them so much that I'm dreading that first water stain/scoff/blemish on this untreated leather lovely. So this really only leaves only one minor fashion problem with the boots: Boots over socks over gathered jeggings - which stretches out the socks, or Boots over gathered jeggings over socks - which means no trying normal shoes since I won't really be able to remove my socks?

My conscience is inclined to the latter. *ponder*

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